Philanthropy - December

Soxology© is dedicated to building a quality relationship with you by providing the best products that exceed your expectations, so it should come as no surprise that the community is important to us. Hence, as our way to reciprocate the inspiration we get from the people, we are determined to initiate a donation to humanity.

Every month, Soxology© will pledge unique campaigns for our less fortunate and vulnerable people. And while our community has a great impact on our venture, we believe that giving back to them can have a greater impact to the nation. We will continue encouraging our customers to be part of our efforts to support the people who are most in need.

For the Month of December

“Soxology© are caretakers of Orphans


The year 2020 has been loaded with a lot of unprecedented situations that made us tougher and stronger. It has taught us to appreciate life and the people around us. It made us understand the importance of reaching out to people and help each other surpass all the challenges and difficulties.


As we end the year 2020, Soxology© aims to help care for orphans. We want to give our share to ensure orphans that have no support are looked after and provided in terms of their basic needs such as food, clean water, clothing and shelter.


For the month of December, which, for some people is a month of celebration and festivities, we encourage our consumers to make a difference to an orphan’s life, by giving them basic life essentials for a decent living. So, for every purchase you make, AED1 will be donated towards our nominated orphan communities to fund for their needs.


Soxology© remains positive on the future ahead. While we continue to strive to be known in the market for our high-quality products, we will carry on our advocacy to improve the lives of the people around us and the community we serve.