Philanthropy - October

Soxology© is dedicated to building a quality relationship with you by providing the best products that exceed your expectations, so it should come as no surprise that the community is important to us. Hence, as our way to reciprocate the inspiration we get from the people, we are determined to initiate a donation to humanity.

Every month, Soxology© will pledge unique campaigns for our less fortunate and vulnerable people. And while our community has a great impact on our venture, we believe that giving back to them can have a greater impact to the nation. We will continue encouraging our customers to be part of our efforts to support the people who are most in need.


For the Month of October

“Three for Literacy”



As Soxology©️ continues to build a better community with its monthly campaign, the month of October is all about “Three for Literacy”. We believe that in developing a better future and world, we need to equip our new generation with proper education. Hence, to pursue exact goal, Soxology©️will donate AED3 from every Soxology©️ Purchase you make. So, for every amazing purchase you make, you help someone get access to education especially in countries where resources are scarce. Let’s all be part of making a bright future for everyone even in the face of mounting global challenges.